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Why Google is the Best Place to Work in the UK

Hire Local 16 Jan, 2018

Google has once again been listed as the best place to work in the UK. Following are some of the reasons why this tech giant's employees are so happy to work there.


While many people who work for Google undoubtedly earn a great salary, the fact is that many employees don't even bother mentioning annual salary when explaining why they think Google is such a great employer. On the other hand, the company's many job benefits are often touted as being one of the primary reasons why people enjoy working for this international tech giant. Google offers its employees free food, full dental and medical coverage, reimbursement for travel expenses and even company shares as part of a payment package.

Pleasant Work Environment

Google also gets high marks for providing its employees with a great work environment. Google employees note that they feel happy and fulfilled working for an exciting company; what is more, they also enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with others in different departments to reach shared goals.

The fact that Google is open to flexible working is yet another great job benefit. The ability to compress work days in order to take more time off on other days and/or the choice to work from home helps employees balance their personal and family life with work obligations.

It should be noted that Google isn't the only tech giant to go out of its way to keep workers happy and fulfilled. Facebook has been rated as the fourth best place to work in the UK. Apple is rated as being the ninth best employer in the country.

It is important to take many factors into account when looking for a good job. Considering pay, benefits and flexible working options can help you pick the career that is just right for you personally.