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What to Do if You See a Coworker Violate a Company Policy

Hire Local 13 October, 2021

No one ever wants to see one of their coworkers doing something against a company policy, but it happens occasionally. In fact, you might see one of your coworkers violate a company policy. You may even see a coworker stealing, harassing another person, lying, or even something worse. These are three things you can do if that happens:

Talk to the Coworker

You can choose to pull the coworker aside and talk to him or her about the incident. This isn't always advisable because it can cause a conflict between you and the worker. The worker might become your nemesis and try to sabotage your job after that person finds out that you know what they've been doing. There's a chance that the worker will come around and end their mischievous activity, but you might not want to take the chance.

Report the Incident to a Supervisor or HR

You can request a private meeting with a supervisor or HR representative to inform them of what's going on. They will create a report and document your statements. That way, you will have their back if anything happens.

Call an Ethics Line

Some employers offer their workers an ethics line where they can report such incidents anonymously. That might be a more favourable choice for you if you're worried about retaliation. The employer will most likely look into these incidents and launch an investigation. No mention of your name will be involved, and the offending party will be none the wiser. You can usually call an ethics hotline at any time of the day or night to report an incident.

Don't Be Afraid to Speak Out

Don't even be afraid to do the right thing and speak out to inform your employer. Your employer will probably appreciate that you took steps to help protect the organization.