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Signs of Age Discrimination in the Workplace

Hire Local 23 September, 2019

Due to the current economic climate, more people are working into their retirement years than ever before. Although many people are finding this necessary, the workplace still struggles with age discrimination issues. Learning how to identify signs of age discrimination can help you better protect yourself at work. 

Bad Performance Reports

If the quality of your work has not changed, but your performance reports are sinking, this could be a red flag. Often employers hope to keep a certain median age in their workforce. Many employers will use tactics such as fabricating negative performance reports in order to justify letting an older employee go. If you notice inconsistencies in your performance reports, deal with it quickly. 

Remarks About Retirement

If you have not been discussing retirement, then it is inappropriate for anyone to be suggesting retirement to you, or bringing up the topic at all. If you are getting questioned about retirement or there are jokes being made about retirement you should address the issue and make sure people know this is not appropriate. 

Reassignment to Unpleasant Tasks

Another tactic often used is to make your work experience unpleasant in hopes that you will simply quit. This can include being reassigned to unpleasant jobs that were never your responsibility before. If your work tasks suddenly change for the negative, you should speak with your employer to find out why. 

Your Raises Stop

This is a huge red flag that is often linked to the performance report issue. An employer can try to justify this with poor performance reports. If the performance reports are inaccurate, though, you can see how easy it is to become victimized in truly serious ways. Keep good records of your past raises and performance reports and take your issue higher up to get results. 

Age discrimination is a real problem. If you are a victim of age discrimination, the sooner your deal with these issues the better.