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Job Insecurity and How to Deal With It

Hire Local 24 August, 2020

Job insecurity is pretty much the name of the game today. Few people will go through their entire lives with just one employer the way some of our grandparents or great grandparents did. Just because job insecurity has become more normalized, though, does not change the effect it can have on you psychologically. Keep reading to learn how you can deal with job insecurity.

Job Insecurity Vs. Career Insecurity

Job insecurity means that the chances of you losing your job are high. In today's job market long term job security with one employer is rare. However, there are certain types of careers that carry more security than others. For instance, jobs in the medical field or in child care will always have a market regardless of the economy. Careers that center around more luxurious services, however, like massage therapy, cosmetology, or other non-essentials could be greatly affected by a downturn in the economy. If you want to garner as much job security as possible, then look for careers that are essential no matter what. That way, even if you lose your job with one employer, you can be pretty sure of landing one somewhere else.

Increase Your Own Value

If you feel that you are in a job with little job security, then you cannot afford to give less than 100%. When it comes to downsizing, the first employees to go will be the ones contributing the least amount of value to the company. Stay current on your training and certifications. Stay out of the drama. Go above and beyond the call of duty. Although this does not guarantee job security, it will lessen your chances of being first on the chopping block.

Save Money

If you already know you are in a profession prone to insecurity, make sure your savings are on point. Having an emergency fund with 2-3 months of living expenses is ideal to ensure you can handle a job loss.

Job insecurity cannot be completely avoided. Use these tips to help you deal with this inevitable aspect of the job market.