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How to Restart Your Job Search In The New Year

Hire Local 16 December, 2020

The New Year is often a time filled with big dreams and goals. Did you take a break from your job search during the holidays? If so, that's fine. Everyone needs a break. The New Year will be the perfect time to reevaluate and re-motivate. Here are 3 great ways to re-start your job search in the New Year.

Throw A Goal Setting Party

Do you find it difficult to get started on goal setting? Do your goals always seem to be in one jumbled tangle? Sometimes it can help to goal set with others. If you have some close friends who are also wanting to jump-start some goals in the New Year, why not get together for a goal-setting party? This can be as simple as you want. Invite your friends and tell them to come prepared to discuss goals, maybe make some vision boards, and to discuss challenges to achieving goals they have had in the past. This is also a great way to set up accountability in the New Year for those goals you set.

Make It Visual

If your job search feels vague and without direction, it can really help to make things more visual. For instance, you can post potential job leads in your home workspace or on the bathroom mirror. When you are researching jobs and you come across a lead jot it on your job poster. This will help you keep a visual running list of which jobs you are planning to apply to. This can really help with follow-through.

If you are struggling with completing job search tasks, it can be helpful to post your daily and weekly task list somewhere highly visible as well. Like, they say, out of sight, out of mind. Keep your tasks in sight so that they stay in mind.

The New Year is the perfect time to jump-start your job search. Use these helpful tips to get things off to a great start.