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How To Navigate Job Search Platforms

Hire Local 16 December, 2021

Job search platforms are one of the best ways to speed up your career search. These websites bring thousands of available positions to you so that you can find your new gig. Learning how to navigate the platforms will ensure you are using your time wisely and efficiently.


Each platform will have filters you can use. These filters are a good way to narrow down the available positions. The filters can narrow down positions according to job title, location, industry, and other categories. You should set your filters carefully to ensure you are not dragging through dozens of job postings that are irrelevant to what you are actually looking for.

Resume Features

Most job search platforms will also provide some kind of resume feature. In most cases, this will be a place where you can upload your resume right to the job search platform. The platform will save the resume for you and automatically attach it to your applications. This is a great time-saving feature. If you make modifications to your resume after you have uploaded it, be sure to update your profile to reflect the most current copy.


One of the best features of job search platforms will be a notification option. Once you have set your filters, you can opt to receive notifications when jobs that match your criteria post. This is a great way to get the most up-to-date information. Jobs in certain industries can sometimes be snatched up quickly. Having a notification of job postings gives you an added edge in your job hunt.