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How to Keep Your Job Loss from Straining Your Marriage

Hire Local 21 February, 2019

A job loss has a way of affecting every aspect of your life for a while. Being aware of this can actually help you to head off serious problems. One of the aspects of your life that might be strained by your job loss is your marriage. Here are a few ways to make sure this doesn’t happen.


It might feel tempting to just clam up after a job loss. You are disappointed and confused. Sometimes talking does not feel like the answer. But you should keep in mind that your spouse is also disappointed and confused. They are going to want to talk. They may be worried about you, and they are certainly going to want to talk about what the plan is now that the household is down to one or no income. Even though you may not feel like it, talk to your spouse.

Work as Team

Even if you were the main income provider in the family, now is the time to work as a team. Discuss options of how to make the budget work. Will you work a part time job? Should your spouse go get a job if they weren't working? You do not need to carry this burden alone. Explain to your spouse that you want to work as a team.

Focus on Your Marriage

Even though most of your focus will be on getting a new job, remember you are not just an employee. You are also a husband or a wife. Make time for your marriage. You may not have a lot of money right now, but there are plenty of free date ideas. Take your spouse to the park for a picnic, go for a hike together. Don’t lose sight of your marriage just because you are in between jobs right now.

Job loss can be hard on a couple. Follow these tips to make sure your job loss does not strain your marriage.