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How to Get a Hospitality Career Off the Ground

Hire Local 21 January, 2019

Hospitality can be a rewarding career path. In most cases the hospitality industry has room for moving up and actually prefers to fill management positions with individuals who have stood out in entry level.

Learn As You Work

One of the best ways to really get a hospitality career off to a running start is to seek out entry level employment with a hotel you admire, while also beginning your hospitality education traditionally. Many colleges offer degrees in hospitality. The best way to get the training and education you need is to simultaneously work in the industry while obtaining your education. There are many low level jobs that only require a high school diploma in the hospitality industry. Although these are not attractive, it gets you in the door with the opportunity to show management your loyalty.

Get Certified

If your areas requires certification for hospitality employees, go ahead and invest in this certification. This will show potential employers how serious you are about your career.

Understand the Ladder

The hospitality industry has an engrained added hierarchy that must be climbed. Most hotels like to promote from within. This means that when a position in management comes available, they will almost always promote some one from down below. This ensure that at every level the hotel has a loyal, long term team member who already understands the culture of that company.

Those who are willing to be patient and climb the ladder can easily achieve their hospitality dreams over time.