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How to Excel at Remote Working

Hire Local 19 March, 2020

Working remotely is the dream of many employees. But when you’re unexpectedly forced to work remotely, you will find that there are accompanying challenges that you may not have anticipated. If you don't handle those challenges well, you could wind up "remotely unemployed." Here's how to excel at remote working.

Avoid Isolation

Working remotely can make you feel isolated and lonely, which are counter-productive to working efficiently. Avoid isolation by staying in touch with your colleagues through text, email, phone or apps like Slack. Doing this may make you feel like your colleagues are simply in the next room instead of in the next town.

Report Often on Your Work Progress

Reassure your boss that you are actually working at home and not watching soap operas. Do this with daily or weekly progress reports. This will prevent your boss from having an excuse to fire you, but it will also help keep you honest.

Stock up on What You Need

Make sure you have everything you need to work efficiently. You can’t be productive with a printer that’s out of ink or an internet connection that’s mind-bogglingly slow. Upgrade the internet and spend money on other office supplies that are integral to working from home.

Maintain Security Protocols

If you have access to sensitive company or client data on your home laptop, be sure you don’t allow anyone else—including your kids—to use your laptop when you aren’t working. If you lose data or allow it to fall into the wrong hands, you’ll definitely leave yourself vulnerable to being let go.

Be Prepared For Video Conferencing

Your boss may want to occasionally have video meetings with you. Don’t show up looking unprofessional. Maintain good grooming so you’re ready for your close-up, even if the bottom half of you is wearing jammie pants.

If you’re generally good at your job and you heed the advice above, you should be able to excel at remote working!