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How Not To Get Hired

Hire Local 22 May, 2019

Advice and tips on how to land a new job are everywhere. There’s no lack of people telling you what you need to do to find that perfect job. And you’ve listened, and you’ve spent weeks, maybe months submitting CVs, doing everything right, and just waiting for that dream gig to land in your lap. Problem is, nothing’s happening. The crickets are chirping rather loudly.

What are you doing wrong? Sometimes it helps to look at things from a different perspective, to come at it from the back end, as it were. In that spirit, here are five ways to ensure that you won’t get hired.

Don’t follow up

Sending out all those CVs and then just waiting around for someone to call you is like waiting for the kettle to boil. It may happen eventually, but it’ll seem like forever. Instead, be proactive. Start contacting hiring managers through email, maybe through finding them on LinkedIn, introduce yourself, and ask for a status update.

Be a pest

Don’t start stalking recruiters like a desperate love interest. Send a handwritten thank you note, follow up with an email, and maybe even ask them to coffee. And don’t spend all your efforts on one person, pursue other jobs simultaneously.

Badmouth your former employer

Never, ever, talk badly about your former boss or company with an interviewer. It reflects poorly on you and erodes trust.

Show up unprepared

Walking into an interview and having to ask basic questions about the company will guarantee your CV goes into the trash. Do your homework to impress.

Focus on yourself

Going into the interview and asking about how much vacation you’ll get, how many days off, how big a raise, etc., will convince a recruiter that you care more about yourself than the job. Try to focus on how you can benefit the company.