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Hottest New Online Jobs in 2019

Hire Local 19 December, 2018

Technology is a wonderful thing. It has made our lives so much easier in the last few decades. One of the greatest improvements that technology has brought to our society is the availability of online work. Online work has made work available to an entire population who several decades ago would not have been able to work from home. Stay at home parents, those who are physically disabled and even those with social anxiety disorders have found a new world of job opportunities through online work. Here are some of the best online jobs in 2019.


Transcription is growing in popularity due to the fact that more and more businesses need audio content converted to text content for use on websites or emails. Transcription is the process of listening to audio content and then typing those recordings into text. This job requires a fairly quick typing speed and attention to details. Beyond that, there are few job requirements. The good thing about this job is that it is easy to acquire a position with a company and the work is very simple.

Freelance Writer/Content Writer

Today companies are depending heavily on their websites as the main marketing tool for their goods and services. These websites need to be rich in quality content that drives traffic and makes those services attractive to prospective customers. That content is created by talented content writers. Job requirements for this job are a great grasp of grammar and writing skills and attention to details.

Search Engine Evaluator

This is a relatively new online job but it holds great promise. Companies are willing to pay to have their search engines evaluated by individuals who are sensitive to internet performance. The feed back on how a website or search engine operates is valuable in order to improve the efficiency of online activity.

If you are looking for easy online work to do from home, 2019 is a great year to take the plunge into online work with these great job opportunities.