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Create an Early Morning Success Ritual

Hire Local 20 June, 2019

Life coach Tom Newberry attributes several factors to ongoing success for his clients, but first and foremost he insists that successful people have an EMSR in place. What's an EMSR? This is short for Early Morning Success Ritual. Newberry claims that developing this one small habit can change your life and skyrocket your success. Here we will look at the two aspects of a great Early Morning Success Ritual and how you can start one today.

The Night Before

In order for an early morning success ritual to be actually successful, you must start planning the night before. Going to bed at a decent time and being mindful about your sleep hygiene is crucial to a great morning. Before going to sleep, customize the perfect awakening thought. This thought should be the one idea you want to start your day with. Write this down and keep it right by your bed. Upon awakening, recite this thought to yourself. After a few days, this thought will become a habit. Some examples might be:

  • Great things are going to happen today.
  • I am in charge of my success.
  • I love life.
  • I am getting better every day.

    The Morning Of

Get up purposefully on time and recite your morning thought. Read something inspirational while your tea or coffee brews. Before plunging into your day, take 10-15 for spiritual refreshening. Even if you are not religious, you can benefit from meditation and learning more about your spirituality. After working on your spirit, work on your body. 20-30 minutes of physical activity will help increase blood flow to your brain, release endorphins and keep you in better shape. Last of all, brainstorm areas of your life which could use improvement. Make mindful plans on how you will improve these areas.

Setting up an EMSR will help you take more control of your life and make better progress toward personal and career goals.