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Best Ways to Calm Interview Nerves

Hire Local 28 August, 2019

No doubt about it interviews are intimidating. There are lots of ways you can calm your interviews nerves, however. Here are several things you might try to get centered and focused before your next interview.


Even if you have never meditated before, now is a great time to start. People often misunderstand meditation. Meditation simply means to focus your mind calmly on something for a certain period of time. Before your interview plan some quiet time where you can really focus on how you want this interview to go. Visualize yourself calm and collected. Visualize yourself nailing every question. Tell yourself you are calm and ready and then you will start feeling more calm and ready.


Be prepared ahead of time. Practice interview questions to yourself in the mirror. Pretending is a great way to get yourself in the right mind frame for the interview. Make sure you have your clothing ready, keys handy, and that you know how to get to the interview location. Preparing all of this ahead of time will ensure you are not late the day of the interview. Running late is a sure-fire way to send your nerves into overdrive.

Remember It's Just A Person

Keep in mind that the person interviewing you is just a person too. Try to remind yourself you are just having a conversation. If you tell yourself it is just a conversation, you can diffuse some of the anxiety built up. Even though it is obviously important if you focus on how important it is your nerves could sabotage the interview.

Your interview is a great stepping stone toward your goals. Give yourself a pat on the back for making it this far and then relax. You are making progress.