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Bad Bosses - The Micromanager

Hire Local 19 April, 2021

Bosses come in all shapes and sizes. Some are great, and some are not so great. If you have a bad boss then you may be at a loss as to how to interact with them and succeed under their leadership. The key to successfully dealing with bosses, is to understand what kind of boss you have. Let's talk about the micromanager boss today.

What Is A Micromanager?

A micromanager is a person who refuses to truly delegate work to others. They will say they are delegating. They will hand you the tasks, and then they will not let you do it. They will criticize all of your efforts. They will change what you have done and in some cases take the tasks back and re-do it themselves.

Ask Direct Questions About Performance

Try to communicate very directly with the micromanager and help them vocalize exactly what they were not pleased with about the performance of a specific task. When having these conversations make sure the boss knows you are taking down notes because you truly want to improve the skill that was obviously lacking. Micromanaging is often not about the performance of the team and is usually more about the boss's personality and insecurity. Directly asking questions with the intent of improving will hold the boss more accountable and help them reflect on what they are truly having issues with.

Be Flexible

If there are things you can improve upon to better align your performance with their expectations, do that. Even if they are not the best at communicating these needs, get to the root of it and do your part to bring balance to the situation.

Be Aware

If you have tried to communicate and accommodate, and the micromanaging is getting worse and affecting the performance of everyone, be aware that this is often a personality trait, even sometimes a trauma response in someone's life. If you truly can't handle the micromanaging, you may want to consider a different position or job.