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3 Side Gigs for Educators

Hire Local 19 December, 2019

If you are an educator looking for a side gig or a supplementary summer job, there are lots of great opportunities for people with your skills and training. Here are 3 side gigs that many educators have found to be a great fit. 


Tutoring during school breaks or as a side gig is a perfect job for an educator. Tutoring allows you to choose your own hours, and in many cases set your own rates. Online tutoring services make it easier than ever for educators to set up a great tutoring business for themselves. Tutoring sites allow you to work when you want and gives you access to students from around the world. 

ESL Instructors

Online ESL teaching has become one of the fastest-growing side gigs around for educators. With the introduction of VIP Kids (one of the pioneer online ESL businesses) teachers discovered that they could make a viable income from the convenience of home. In some cases, teachers report making a better income doing this from home than they did working in a classroom. Online platforms like VIP Kids match up teachers with clients from around the world who wish to learn English. Simple lessons, which are often already prepared for you, are delivered via video in 30-60 minutes classes. 

Child Care

Another great side gig for educators is child care. Child care, whether provided in your home or in the home of your clients, gives you flexibility and the opportunity to set your own hours and often to set your own rates as well. Quality child care is always in demand. Parents often trust educators as child care professionals easily because of their experience. 

Being an educator provides a great skill set that can be used in plenty of side gigs and professions. Do some research of your own to discover other professions in which your skills are in demand.