Career Advice

How to Excel at Remote Working

Hire Local March 19, 2020

Working remotely is the dream of many employees. But when you’re unexpectedly forced to work remotely, you will find that there are accompanying challenges that you may not have anticipated. If you don't handle those challenges well, you could wind up "remotely unemployed." Here's how to excel at remote working.

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Making Goals Realities In 3 Easy Steps

Hire Local February 20, 2020

You have career goals. That is great. How will you make them a reality? For many people, this is the mystery. Setting goals is pretty easy, but how do you turn those goals into your real day-to-day reality? Here are three steps you can take to make your goals into reality. 

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The 3 Essential Parts of a Resignation Letter

Hire Local January 17, 2020

Did you know that your resignation letter is just as important as your original cover letter when you first applied for your job? When you write a great resignation letter, the whole process of moving on to a new job will be much easier. Here are the essential parts of a resignation letter.

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3 Side Gigs for Educators

Hire Local December 19, 2019

If you are an educator looking for a side gig or a supplementary summer job, there are lots of great opportunities for people with your skills and training. Here are 3 side gigs that many educators have found to be a great fit. 

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Tips for Getting Hired for a Promotion Over Your Peers

Hire Local November 20, 2019

The workforce is very competitive these days. That means there may come a time when you might have to go up against the people you work with every day. Here are some tips for getting that promotion you desire over the other people who are applying for the same job. 

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