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UK Cities with Plenty of Job Opportunities

Hire Local 18 Nov, 2017

If you are having a hard time finding a good job and making ends meet, consider looking for work in any one of the following cities. These spots get high marks for having a reasonable cost of living, offering good salaries and providing an abundance of job opportunities for job seekers.


Birmingham currently has over 3,000 job openings available. Financial managers, sales managers, and business analysts are in particularly high demand. The average home value is a reasonable £177,941, which is considerably lower than many other cities with plentiful job opportunities. The median base salary currently comes to £30,000.


Leeds, like Birmingham, has over 3,000 job openings and a median base salary of £30,000. However, the hot jobs in this city are recruitment manager, chef and project manager. The average cost of a new home is just a bit over £195,000. It is a great place to live and work if you enjoy living in a relatively small city as opposed to one that has a population of well over a million people.


Nottingham has just over 2,600 job openings. Job opportunities that are particularly popular in this city include business analyst, sales manager, and software engineer. The cost of buying a home is nearly £182,000 and the average base salary is just a bit over £27,800. At the same time, Nottingham has a higher job satisfaction rating than other cities with numerous job openings. If career satisfaction is more important to you than earning a high salary, then Nottingham could very well be the right place for you.

Being willing to move in order to find a job can enable you to find fulfilling, lucrative work. Consider the above cities if you aren't able to find a good job in your hometown, as each of these locations offer great work opportunities in a variety of fields for people from all walks of life.