Career Advice

UK Cities with Plenty of Job Opportunities

Hire Local Nov 18, 2017

If you are having a hard time finding a good job and making ends meet, consider looking for work in any one of the following cities. These spots get high marks for having a reasonable cost of living, offering good salaries and providing an abundance of job opportunities for job seekers.

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Advice for Your First Day On the Job

Hire Local Oct 16, 2017

It’s natural to be at least a little nervous on your first day at a new job. However, there are some things you can do to make it go as smoothly as possible and pave the way for success.

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How to Find a Good Job After Leaving the Armed Forces

Hire Local Sep 17, 2017

It is not hard to find a good job after leaving the armed forces as many large companies are more than happy to hire ex-military personnel. Following are some tips to help make your transition as easy as possible.

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Overcoming Your Fear of Starting a New Job

Hire Local Aug 16, 2017

When starting a new job, it is not uncommon for a person to be nervous. From learning how to perform tasks to the preference of a new boss to getting comfortable with the new coworkers, there are many aspects of starting a new job. Fortunately, though, there are several tips you can follow to overcome the fear that often accompanies going in for your first day at a new job.

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Choosing a Career that Fits Your Personality

Hire Local Jul 15, 2017

When it comes to deciding on a career path that you want to follow, it is of the utmost importance that you choose one that complements your personality. After all, if you find yourself working in a field that does not match your occupational passions, this can lead to boredom and much stress. Fortunately, though, there are several ways to go about choosing a career that fits your personality. Here's a quick look at three of these ways.

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