What to do If Your Job is Moved out of the UK Because of Brexit

Numerous jobs are set to move from London to mainland Europe on account of Brexit. Following is some advice that can help you know what to do if your employer asks you to leave the UK and work on the continent.

Know What You are Getting Into

In many instances refusing to move would result in the need to find another job in the UK. However, this does not necessarily mean you should automatically say yes when asked to move to the continent. Ask your employer what costs would be covered by the company’s transfer package. Look into required social security payments and current cost of living in your new location. Parents will want to make sure the employer covers the cost of the family moving to the continent and also look for a suitable international school with room for new students. 

Prepare for Future Possibilities

It is important to find out what would happen if your employer makes your job redundant after your move. This is not an uncommon scenario so ask about bonus protection, your pension and the reimbursement of relocation expenses before signing a deal. Make sure all agreements made by your employer are put into writing.

Jump in Wholeheartedly

If you agree to move in order to keep your job, put your heart into your new situation. Start learning the local language before you move so you can communicate easily when on the mainland. Look up your new city to not only find a place to live but also nice parks, great places to eat out and other locations where you can enjoy life after work. 

Moving to keep your job can be daunting but it can also open doors to new opportunities. Know what you are getting into, make sure agreements between you and your employer are put in writing and then set your heart on enjoying the change as much as possible.