Six Non-Nursing Healthcare jobs

Are you interested in the medical field, but uninterested in nursing? The following are some non-nursing jobs for interested persons who do not want to work as nurses:

Medical Coders

A medical coder is a person who reads medical documents and then assigns codes to them according to the coding system. the records then go to the next person who helps with the charging process.


Receptionists are friendly people who answer telephones and let people know when they can come in for appointments. They may have duties such as paperwork filing, taking payments, organizing records and so forth.


A transcriber is a person who listens to the audio files that doctors make and then transfers what he or she hears into a written version for documentation. A transcriber must have patience, good ears, a sense of medical terms and some equipment such as a foot pedal and transcribing software.


Interpreters are people who speak another language and are inside medical facilities for the sole purpose of interpreting for other people so that they can get the services they need. Interpreters have to take an initial test to show that they are fluent in a specific language.

Appointment Setter

An appointment setter is one who simply makes appointments. It is not quite a receptionist and not quite an answering service. such people make operations easy for medical facilities by alleviating them from some of their duties.

Dietary Aide

Dietary Aides have cool jobs because they get to meet all the different people inside the facility. A dietary aide takes food orders and then delivers patient foods to the appropriate rooms. Not much training is necessary for one to become a dietary aide. Hospitals are always hiring for them.

An interested person can apply for any of the above jobs to get into the medical field without becoming a nurse. Caring people are always needed.