Jobs for Felons

If you are a felon, you are probably wondering what types of jobs you can get with a felony record. Fortunately, you can take much comfort in knowing there are lots of occupations that you can land with a criminal history. Here is a quick list of jobs that you should consider.


Many places will be more than happy to provide employment as a receptionist to someone who has a criminal history; this especially applies to receptionist positions that do not require you to handle money. Most receptionists jobs require only that you handle paperwork and answer the phone and because there is little likelihood that you can commit any type of fraud, being a felon should have no impact on your ability to properly fill the position.

Truck driver

If you are a felon with a clean traffic record, then you can likely get a job as a truck driver. If, however, you have a long history of traffic violations, this will likely deter truck driving companies from wanting to hire you.

Restaurant Jobs

Last on the list of jobs for felons is almost any type of restaurant job. From restaurant management to waiting tables, many eateries are more than willing to employ felons. Best of all, there is good money to be made in the restaurant industry. Some waiters and waitresses are known to make upward of $150 a night, and even better is that they only have to claim a certain percentage of their tips.