Great Part-Time Job Options for Students

Working while studying does not necessarily need to leave you feeling tired and stressed out. Following are just some of many great part-time jobs that can help you earn extra money without cutting class time.

Promotional Work

Companies that sell products are often happy to have enthusiastic, outgoing young people promote items for sale. One great benefit of taking on promotional jobs is that, as a freelance worker, you can choose the jobs that fit into your schedule and reject the ones that aren’t right for you personally. Promotional work also gives you valuable practice in sales and communication, two important skills that you are likely to need after you graduate.

Event Work

If you know of an event coming to town, get in touch with the organisers and ask about temporary job opportunities. Event managers often need people who can serve food, clean up, arrange the seating, hand out promotional flyers, etc. Working at an event can not only help you earn good money but can even be fun as you take part in an entertaining or educational project. 


Get in touch with local charities to see if they need people who can help do fundraising. Many organisations need temporary staff members who can help them raise funds for certain projects and are happy to hire young people who are passionate about the charity’s goals. This type of work can help you not only earn money but also provide valuable experience that will look good on your CV.

Part-time work is a great way to gain experience and earn money for studies. Take some time to consider the above-mentioned jobs as well as other jobs that don’t interfere with your student schedule and then pursue the opportunities available in your local area.