4 Key UK Job Trends Heading Into 2020

In our current fast-paced job market, trends emerge, have their day in the sun, and are replaced by new trends. Technology is leading the charge, as are shifting demographics and a “smaller” world due to being more connected.

Things are changing so rapidly, it’s beneficial to look a few years down the road. The year 2020 will be here before you know it. Watch for substantial shifts in terms of administrative and white collar jobs. Here are four more UK job trends to expect by the year 2020:

1. Computer and Data Analyst Positions

Not surprisingly, jobs in the computer programming and software space will continue to be in demand. With much more data at the fingertips of companies large and small, there will be an increasing need for analysts to sift through this data and create actionable intelligence with it.

2. Architecture, Engineering and Product Design

The creation of new commercial and residential structures is set to rise, and with it the need for people to assist in their design. Engineers will also be required in the areas of nanotechnology, biochemicals and robotics. Tomorrow’s designers will require a special blend of creativity and innovation.

3. Tech-Smart Salespeople

With products and services becoming more technologically complex all the time, the personnel that sell them will have to be savvy and versed in exactly how they operate. If you’re tech-minded, you could bring your expertise to the sales force of a range of companies.

4. Regulatory Experts

With the rapid pace of technological advancements, staff will be required to help ensure that all company actions taken are by the book and in compliance with current codes.

The job market continues to change rapidly, and it’s valuable to take a long view of your prospects. Look for these four job trends to make an impact by the year 2020.